Learning to Live Compassionately Through Better Habits

The past year or so, every day was completely different. (Like the Nine Inch Nails song, but like, the opposite). There isn’t a thing I did every single day, except eat. Between two shift-work jobs, continuing studies, and planning a Catholic wedding which required taking marriage preparation courses and actually going to church every Sunday, … More Learning to Live Compassionately Through Better Habits

Creative Cycling

The quote goes: Nothing in nature blooms all year round, and neither should you. I read those words scrolling through Instagram and all neurons fired to my thumb for an instant double tap. Truly I heart this sentiment. The idea that it is unnatural to churn out creative impulses indefinitely isn’t new, but it is … More Creative Cycling

Upcoming Poetry Events

Looking forward to Guernica’s fall launch at Supermarket next Sunday September 11th. The next few weeks hold some promising-looking reading series: Art Bar, which is held at 8 PM every Tuesday at Free Times. According to my googling, there’s also Pivot Readings at The Steady Cafe & Bar on September 7th, Brockton Writers Series at … More Upcoming Poetry Events